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    Forum Rules & Disclaimer


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    Forum Rules & Disclaimer Empty Forum Rules & Disclaimer

    Post by Admin on Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:40 pm

    Make sure to read all these and practice them here so we can all be happy okies? Grin

    Basic Rule : Please do not ask for Anne's e-mail address, contact numbers and/or personal information. Do not abuse the PM facility that this forum offers. It is entirely up to Anne to decide with whom she makes contact. We respect her privacy and right to choose, and we would not compromise that right even if we could.

    1. Stay on topic. Post in the proper category. Threads are organized according to suitable topics they cater. Topics that aren't in the proper thread/forum maybe deleted, without notice. Check previous threads to see if the topic you want to discuss has already been posted. Double posts are not allowed.

    2. No spamming and flooding. Avoid making successive posts when you can put together all your replies in a certain thread. You are allowed to edit your post in a 5-min. time period. Avoid posting/replying with one-liners ("yes", "thanks"). No emoticons/smileys only posts. Your replies are appreciated but try to keep your posts longer or shed more on your views and opinions.

    3. Minimize the use of same, consecutive smileys and/or images. Smileys are cute and fancy and we definitely put it for your own use but we get what you mean. Avoid posting large images. Large images/too much smileys tend to make the page load longer. If you're to share/post an image with a high quality, please make use of free image hosts (imageshack.us, supload.org) and just post the given URL, or email it to the administrators and we would be the ones to facilitate the hosting and posting for you.

    4. Avoid posting your personal details (email, contact numbers, etc). Forum administrators are not responsible for whatever harm on sharing your info may cause you.

    5. Avoid typing in sticky caps (tYPinG LyK ThIs) and using text language. Seriously, it is much harder to read. There's no character limit in your posts so there's no need to type in shortcuts. Also, avoid typing in all CAPS or using large fonts. All it takes to get your point across is a normal sized font and a sensible post.

    6. Asking for members for your site/forums is considered spam; please do not use our site to advertise yours without prior approval from an administrator.

    7. Please credit us if you're taking something (ie: images, videos) from this site. Do also credit the sites/persons where you got something to share to us. It doesn't hurt to say thanks.

    8. You may not make personal attacks on other users or administrators either in public forums or private messages.

    9. You may not use profanity in usernames, posts, signatures or anywhere else on this website. It is unprofessional and offensive and will not be tolerated. We have word filters in place for the most vulgar terms. Circumventing those word filters will result in punitive action.

    10. We reserve the right to ban any member who violates our guidelines or disrupts our community. We will be fair and provide warning in most cases.

    11. If you have an issue concerning our policies or administrators, please use a personal contact method such as a private message or email to an administrator. We take serious complaints to heart and will do our best to address them. Please do not bring these issues to the forums.

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